Hi-4! Entertainment

Hi-4! Entertainment is a troupe of freelance costumed character performers (a.k.a. mascots) and escorts who appear at charity and commercial events around the Metro NY and Tri-State areas. Our mission is to inspire entertainment and joy in our audiences and in ourselves through dedicating our time and talents for the community.

Our Group consists of more than a dozen men and women who have devoted countless hours with a passion for using our performance skills toward furthering the causes of the many charities we have worked with. Our band of characters has touched the hearts of many, many children and their families. We are a volunteer group seeking to support charity organizations and their causes through our performances. Any donations or gifts as tokens of appreciation, whether it be food, water, or a gracious hug, to help us continue our work are most welcome by all of us.

Our Mission is to provide to our partner organizations our reliable, professional services, and to treat our audiences to high-energy, high-interactivity amusement. When the kids go home smiling, the adults go home laughing, and we go home exhausted, then we know we've done a good job.

The Hi-4 Characters have won the hearts of audiences in their own unique and special ways, and they have continued to perform for everyone in hopes that they would inspire warmth in people's hearts through their gentle, kind, and fantastically fun nature. Always ready for a hug and a picture, each character of Hi-4 loves to share time with others, no matter what!

The Charities & Community Organizations we have visited include the American Cancer Society, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, United Cereberal Palsy, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, KidsFilmFest, NYC Parks and Recreation, and more!

The Name "Hi-4" comes from the well-known fact that our characters, like most cartoons, have only four fingers. So while you may be giving us a high five, we are slapping down a hearty Hi-4!

Interested in having us appear at your event? Please feel free to contact us!

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